Discovering the Best Mee Rebus at Nonya Delicatessen: A Culinary Gem in Southern Singapore

Food in Perspective: Mee Rebus Media Featured Original article by Sugii Akihito, content rewritten by Conquest Creatives

Experience Authentic Singapore-Style Mee Rebus at Nonya Delicatessen

If you’re a food enthusiast searching for the ultimate Mee Rebus experience, look no further than Nonya Delicatessen, a charming eatery nestled in southern Singapore. Established 30 years ago by Madam Lilian Tan, this small yet bustling stall has garnered a loyal following, even attracting the attention of Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.

Mee Rebus: A Flavorful Malay-Chinese Fusion Dish

Mee Rebus, meaning “boiled noodle,” is thought to have originated in Borneo before spreading throughout Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. The dish’s flavours vary from region to region, but the Singapore-style Mee Rebus stands out for its unique Malay-Chinese fusion, utilising soy sauce and curry powder.

Nonya Delicatessen: Serving Hearty Mee Rebus and Laksa Daily

At Nonya Delicatessen, the two star dishes are Mee Rebus and Laksa. The eatery serves up an impressive 100 bowls of Mee Rebus daily, despite having only enough seating for 10. The dish comes alive with garnishes of shelled prawns, boiled eggs, and fried tofu, all sitting atop a bed of noodles swimming in a thick, flavorful gravy. Each bite transports you to a nostalgic culinary adventure, thanks to the blend of spices, raw ingredients, and the cook’s passion for food.

Continuing the Legacy: Damian Lim’s Passion for Mee Rebus

Now managed by Madam Tan’s son, Damian Lim, the legacy of Nonya Delicatessen continues to thrive. Starting at the young age of 10, Mr. Lim contributed to the family business by shelling prawns, and he has since perfected his mother’s cherished Mee Rebus recipe. When asked about the secret to the dish’s success, he remarked, “Passion for food and love for my customers are the two most important ingredients. They were taught to me by my mom.” Madam Lilian Tan couldn’t help but smile upon hearing her son’s heartfelt words.

Visit Nonya Delicatessen for a Memorable Culinary Experience

So, if you find yourself in southern Singapore with an appetite for something special, make sure to visit Nonya Delicatessen for a taste of their unforgettable Mee Rebus. It’s a delightful culinary experience you won’t want to miss!

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Initial Title: Food in Perspective: Mee Rebus
Initial article (in japanese) by: Sugii Akihito
Translated by: Liz Chee



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