Origins of Nonya

Welcome to Nonya Delicatessen, a cherished family-owned café where heartwarming Peranakan and Singaporean flavours come to life. As a timeless testament to the rich Peranakan culture, our dishes echo the culinary mastery of Nonya ladies and Baba men, whose kitchen expertise dates back to the enchanting kampongs of the 1980s.

Savouring Heritage,
One Bite at a Time

Rooted in the culinary legacy of Peranakan cooking, Nonya Delicatessen was born from Lilian’s passion for traditional cuisine and her desire to share the rich heritage of her ancestors with Singapore. The recipes that brought our cafe to life were not simply drawn from cookbooks; they were lovingly passed down from Lilian’s mother and great-grandmother. With steadfast dedication and countless hours of refining her craft, Lilian breathed life into her dream, opening the doors of Nonya Delicatessen at Bukit Timah Plaza in 1980.

What started as a humble kiosk soon became a beloved hotspot, with regular patrons enchanted by the flavours of Lilian’s heartfelt creations. Our food was more than a meal; it was a conduit to a rich cultural past that ignited taste buds while sparking conversations about Peranakan heritage.


A Family Legacy of Authentic Nonya and Baba Culinary Traditions

As the cafe’s popularity soared, Lilian’s eldest son, Damian, stepped into the family business. Under Lilian’s nurturing guidance, Damian discovered his passion for the food and beverage industry, which led him to take the helm in 1997, ensuring the legacy of Nonya Delicatessen continued to thrive.

Damian, alongside his wife Lynne, an ex-flight attendant turned dedicated business partner, and their son Daryl, represent three generations committed to preserving and promoting the cherished traditions of Nonya cuisine. As former flight attendants, Damian and Lynne brought a unique, customer-centric perspective to the business, deeply understanding the importance of service in creating memorable experiences.

Today, Nonya Delicatessen continues to be a family-run institution, remaining true to its roots while continually evolving to delight modern palates. We’re not just serving food; we’re sharing our history, culture, and the love of a family devoted to Peranakan cuisine.

Having successfully run several outlets over the years, we’ve taken the next step in our journey in 2023 by beginning franchising, bringing the timeless flavours of Nonya Delicatessen to an even wider audience. We’re not just preserving our beloved Peranakan culinary traditions – we’re spreading them.

From the days of delivering packed lunches to the Supreme House on Orchard Road, to running a flagship cafe and starting a successful franchise, Nonya Delicatessen has come a long way. Yet, at the heart of it all, it remains what it has always been – a place to discover and cherish the rich heritage of Peranakan cuisine, passionately crafted and lovingly served.

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